Why is it worth being an agent

You may not know anything, but if you want and like working with people, we will teach you. We are strong because of individuality of our brokers. We attracted committed, creative people who know how to use freedom in their work.

Stawiamy na wolność i indywidualne podejście do klienta

We focus on freedom and an individual approach to the client.

We don't hire agents. We actually sell real estate. Today we are one Of the largest real estate offices in Białystok. Nearly 30 specialists work for us, according to your temperament, sense, creativity - based on the highest standards and knowledge in the field of real estate trading.

If you want to be one of us, you want to gain practical skills that you will usenot only in the industry, but also outside it, you want to have a real impact on your earnings - in the M5 it is place for you.

We are looking for our team:

positively crazy people

often smiling

have no problem with the word sale

able and willing to be independent

distinguishing a tree from a notarial deed

We are not looking for employees from 8 to 15. We are looking for people who are aware of the fact that the amount of work they put into their work is the same will bring them this job of profit.

We offer such people

a lot of money

a lot of job satisfaction

a lot of smile

the best training courses in Poland

equipment necessary for effective work

If you want to build a company with us based on respect and trust, join us!